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Water Quality

Clean, Healthy Water for Your Whole Home

Water is extremely important. You use it to shower, brush your teeth, wash dishes and drink. But the water coming out of your tap may be not be as good as you think it is. If you rely on tap water for all your needs, you may experience:

  • Dry skin
  • Dry, unhealthy hair
  • Water that tastes bad or has a foul odor
  • Scale buildup on your dishes and in your plumbing

Some New York homeowners have tried to solve this problem in a variety of ways. Some have installed water softeners or other water quality products. Others have turned to only drinking bottled water. But all of these have problems.

The case against water softeners

Water softeners do not purify your water in any way. They remove Magnesium and Calcium and replace it with salt and potassium (while leaving dangerous heavy metals in your water.) This creates a softer water, but does not create healthier water. (Your body needs Magnesium and Calcium.) 

And water softeners pollute the environment with a discharge of gallons of brine.

Why you should rethink your bottled water

Even if you drink bottled water, you're not safe. A report by the President's Cancer Panel recommended not drinking bottled water because dangerous chemicals can leach into the water from the plastic.

And half of the bottled water samples they tested had bacteria growing in the water. 


Plus, bottles pollute our environment:

  • Most bottles are not recycled
  • It takes millions of gallons of oil to make the bottles
  • It takes millions more gallons of oil to deliver the bottles to your door or store

A better solution: whole-home water filtration from Krystal Klear Water

A Krystal Klear whole-home water filter combines the reliability of a carbon filter with a KDF filter. It filters your entire home's water, leaving it healthier and better tasting.

And when combined with the Electronic DeScaler, it keeps your pipes free of scale that can lead to plumbing problems.

Krystal Klear filters are unlike anything else, because they:

  • Are maintenance-free
  • Guaranteed for up to 5 years
  • Environmentally friendly - no brine waste
  • Remove harmful heavy metals like aluminum, copper, mercury and nickel
  • Produce healthy, great-tasting water
  • Soften skin and hair without moisturizers and lotions
  • And much more

Want to see what's in your water? Contact us online to schedule a water quality test with Einstein's and see what your family is drinking and washing in.

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